Join the Ilumina Family

Every gift to Ilumina goes directly to support a worthy young musician.  You can see the faces of the people you support, follow their careers and know you helped make the difference. You'll also be expanding the reach and future of classical music.  The potential audience of the second and third world is enormous. Every Ilumina concert introduces an audience to chamber music at the highest level.  And every group of Ilumina Fellows gains the knowledge and support to become a new generation of leaders, in music and in life.


The support and connections Ilumina provides literally can mean the difference between a life of struggle and an entirely new reality, not just for the artist but his or her extended family. We want to show young artists that the world cares about their futures, and we want them in turn to share that generosity forward.
Absolutely 100% of all funds received go to directly to the support of young artists.

Transfers from the UK:

Account Name: Ilumina Festival
Nat West Bank
SORT CODE: 56-00-23
Account Number: 26110539

Transfers from the EU:
Account Name: Ilumina Festival
Nat West Bank
London, UK
IBAN: GB26NWBK56002326110539

From All Other Locations:


Want to be in the middle of things? Can you drive? Usher a concert?  Ilumina has many practical needs and we are building a corp of volunteers. At the festival, we need some enthusiastic folks to help us do all the little things that make a big event happen.

Beyond the Festival

Could you invite a young artist for lunch? Help fill out an application?  Be an online mentor?  We want each of our young artists to have people in their lives who can be strong influences on life matters beyond music.  Every year, we would like 20 young artists to be matched with 20 mentors who will commit to being in touch with them throughout the year, whether in person or online.